High Peaks MBA Associates Program – Now accepting applicants!

High Peaks Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital firm based in New York City.  We are seeking current MBA students in New York to participate in our MBA Associates program.   The MBA Associates will be specifically working on two main initiatives. The first is the expansion of our Operating Partner Network and and Technical Advisor Network in which we connect our portfolio companies with potential operating and technical experts to leverage their expertise. The second is to work with our investment team in conducting industry research to help refine and inform one of the investment theses that guide our investment and portfolio support strategy.

In the expansion of our Operating Partner Network or our Technical Advisor Network:

  1. Identify leaders in the startup and tech community
  2. Discuss opportunities to join High Peaks’ Operating Partner Network
  3. Enter information in our CRM system
  4. Assist portfolio companies in learning best practices, getting market intel, and hiring via the use of our Operating Partner Network
  5. Networking is a huge part of what we do in Venture Capital and we think this is a great opportunity to start building a presence in the NYC tech scene

In the industry research project you will:

  1. Work with our investment team in identifying the appropriate topic and thesis
  2. Conduct interviews via our Operating Partner Network or Technical Advisor Network to gather data and insights
  3. Get intelligence and point of views from other others in the Venture Capital community
  4. Present your findings at the end of the program to the Partnership and all other participants in the program


  1. Strong business acumen. Ideal candidates are currently enrolled in a top tier MBA program. A strong interest in Ecommerce and SaaS really helps.   This is beyond knowing what SaaS stands for and/or having shopped on Amazon!
  2. You love networking and have a genuine interest in helping people, beyond just building a business. You need to be able to dig into people’s previous experience, motivations, and aspirations as well as develop an understanding of industry dynamics and can find the devil in the details.
  3. You work hard.  Hustle is your middle name.
  4. You are not an A—hole.  You might be a superstar genius but if people don’t always refer to you as a “really nice person” then you definitely don’t belong here.
  5. You figure sh*t out and can work independently.   We don’t need to hold your hand to figure out what you have to do next.

Timing and other details

  1. MBA Associate program is from Sept 2014 through early January 2015.
  2. MBA Associates will be working primarily out of the office as you are expected to mostly be networking and gathering data from the field.

Email me your resume or LinkedIn Profile link at: ben@hpvp.com

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