Introducing Primary Venture Partners!

unnamedWhen my partner, Brad Svrluga, approached me about three years ago to join him to run High Peaks Venture Partners I wasn’t interested at first.  I was personally investing and helping start startups and was seeing real success and feeling very proud of the work that I was doing.  However, Brad presented the opportunity as one in which we would be reinventing High Peaks and I would be a true partner in setting a new path for the firm.  As a former entrepreneur of a venture backed startup, I had always wished my VCs would have done more to have supported my business.  And I also knew I was not the only entrepreneur that had felt that way.  I was excited about taking on this new challenge of building a VC firm that provided really impactful operational support as the next journey of my career.  The last two years have been an incredible experience.  We have set a new strategy and built a new platform of resources that I think will have a real impact on the NYC tech community.  Many people have asked me if I like being a VC versus being an entrepreneur.  I have told them I am still an entrepreneur as we have really co-founded a new VC firm over the last two years.  Now, with an evolved team, a strategy that is more focused and robust than ever, and a future full of promise, we thought it the opportune time to formally complete the transition with a wholly new identity.  So, we are thrilled to announce that as of this moment, High Peaks Venture Partners is now Primary Venture Partners.

For a fuller explanation of the thinking and process behind this transformation, please read the blog post on Brad’s blog, and let us know what you think of the new brand and identity. You can find us going forward at, and on Twitter @PrimaryVC. Please help us spread the word today by sharing the blog post, etc. via your various social media channels!

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